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Like all good ideas; it started over a beer.

Bradley and Tom met in 2011 at Bradley’s bar in Streatham. A conversation about “Why does every bar have a house wine but not a house beer?….” led to The Inkspot Brewery being formed.

Two years of cuckoo brewing at a friends brewery (thank you Mr. Bob) and sales in London led to two big life changes; Bradley sold the bar & Tom retired from the British Army. Time to find a home for Inkspot.

Finding a barn sheltered within the Rookery garden, a conservation area on Streatham Common, was incredible. Overwhelming local support for the brewery project led to planning permission being granted & three years of work transforming a tired barn into a working brewery.

The Rookery is such a local treasure, every step of the project had to be carefully considered & sympathetically delivered.  It was no easy task, but we have finally completed and Inkspot beer is in the tanks.

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